MUSONGOLE en group.....yo sooooo inhuman; very unkind; suppose she was yo sister, wd u have said that? Mind e things that u more down, some thing in me tels me that u musongole ur a failure in life, perhaps jobless also. No one sensible can write down rubbish like yos


Is that they sexually abused her or she want to be abused coz as awoman jst knw sisobola kugoba police car n u crimb jst lyk aman namwe mubeko wemukoma


Well I don't like you but I believe you on dat.sorry u deserve better and our police force should change the way they arrest people.They should arrest according to what you did.thieves should be arrested in that bad manner.SHAME ON YOU UGANDA POLICE FORCE


Remmy sori for all dat. however i have closely followed your reportings. truth to be told u r upto to cheap popularity. first build ur career instead of looking for cheap popularity