Mr M7 privatization is ok bt complete dissolving public assets is madness u shud kno betta on how to set standards so that these things coexist, n it's not the citizens who r greedy bt ur own ministers who inflate th prices if ur self can tell th cost land it means u use th wrong pple th those negotiations hw cam our neighbours Kenya wea able 2 get land so fast u mean there no greedy pple in kenya?


For The Last 30 Years U have been talking about roads,electricity and water upto now your still the same point.
talk about the land, how can one be born on grows and reach 50yrs and u come claiming mbu its govement land? what does it mean? remember if the head ov the family minds less then glass climbs the house.also remember that too much of anything is always bad.
if you sit,agree and you sets a law why do u want to denie it before it works? refer on article 102 b.

if your swearing in you promise to Work,Protecj And Defend the people,the constitution and the country, before we complete a year after ur swearing in MR M7 Openly said this "AM NOT WORKING FOR THE COUNTRY,FOR THE PEOPLE NEITHER FOR THE CONSTUTION BUT AM WORKING FOR ME AND MY FAMILY" imagine a president with these and only that he repeated it on intervial in Kenya.

Mr President Enough is enough time to go before you destroy the goods you did. REMEMBER Orume Kurukura Rwonka Abana.


let m7 goes away we need to live in democratic country 4me i send this wards 2 all ugandans that changing the face can change northing but facing de change can change everything let's say TOGEKWATOKO


bobi win is right end he knows wat he is doing and he he knows y we gave him our votes than those NRM PMS who just sit back in the Parliament waiting for fucking musevin to decided for them and they also agree with age limit as if they do not children who what also to take over power.


bobi is tooo silly and shallow minded. too young and full of village exicitment in parliament.
kabampane is too bad. where is fdc's ingride...

Jr Denat2017-10-19

some of u nrm are now crazy including your ministers and all da mps how do you people normally use your 99 Constitution is constitution now one is above da low m7 should resign