Shillah Kayongo2018-03-30

I think my name seek is over exposing her self,fik is a young boy for her,I grew up watching her program on wbs,by then I was in primary 3and right now am soon turning 25and she z 22,my follower was too young by then he is 22now and Sheila is 22,banange tuswala,grow up we know u wanna become zari,and zella but try the other way round we know where u came from Nasana,mastowa by then ur dad was very poor due to ur struggles u guys cane known ,fik is not ur age,now look came I lend u my boyfriend he is a pilot in America and he is a white,coz I had it's ur dad,s dream than affecting that small boy,we know u have been sleeping with sugar daddies every where so I bet ur postive