Kevin Buhambo 2016-07-31

I came across these reviews on iTunes OMG Norman 's good

Rating: 7 This song is very catchy and will have you up on your feet dancing from the moment it starts. The lyrics are catchy and simple to learn so you'll be singing along too in no time. The singer is really good and the beat is perfect.
Rating: 0 Honestly this song is terrible. It sounds like somebody has grabbed a random backing track online and then yelled random words over it, with no thought for how it fits in with the music. The special effects only make the vocals more unpleasant to listen to, and the lyrics are incredibly vapid and uninteresting.
Rating: 4 The beat has soul to say the least except not sure of vocals. Seems off in tune and yet very raggae like. Trying to be inspirational, yet at the same time is just energetic edgy plain jane. Not much bold instrumentals there ti hear in te backdrop. The rapping is a little okay if you like plain taste.
Rating: 3 Nice instrumental, Horrible vocals. Anyone can autotune their voice and sing a song. Terrible enunciation. I can't understand the words even when there's not a lot of autotune. I could not listen to this no matter what. Plus he's saying the same thing over and over again. Not a good song in my opinon. Work on learning to sing, and enunciate your words, and maybe get someone to write your songs, and you could do a lot better if you continue to make the instrumentals like this.
Rating: 9 Wow!I love this beat. I want to dance to this music track immediately. I must admit I can not understand every word this artist or band is singing, it seems like they are singing about love. It is pretty clear. The beat o this does sound very familiar to me, but I like this track anyways.
Rating: 3 A completely forgettable piece of music. Overproduction and repetitive lyrics do nothing to help this song. Mundane cheesy and boring. I am trying to find the positive side of the track but it has been done hundreds of times and better also. Definitely not second listen needed and I don't think I would survive it.
Rating: 5 The introduction starts off short but has a positive tone. The song has a good rhythm to it. The song itself with the lyrics was not made too well. The vocals weren't great and it had a few notes that were off. The vocals need work on balancing well the music and was all over the place. i dont see this song having a big potential.
Rating: 0 Very annoying sound that doesnt interest me at all. Bad lyrics and sounds all around. Sounds like every other song out right now. This song is something I wouldn't really listen to or search for at all. I can see this song becoming popular, it's just not something that is for me.
Rating: 3 synthesiser to start then the vocal started which is very fast sonmuch so that i couldnt understand it. you get the gist that the song is about "no lies". considering the song is abouut not telling lies they are incredibly upbeat. nothing special about the production.
Rating: 8 I'm in love with the intro . The person who is singing this makes the song light up and that's what makes the song fun and nice . i can hear the drums and the keyboard they fit very good with this song. and the girls voice makes the song shine. i like the track.
Rating: 6 The beat is standard for this genre. I like the autotune on the singers voice. I think this would sound much better if the drumbs had a little more base. Also if there is an autotune affect on these vocals, it should be made stronger.
Rating: 3 I really enjoy the beat of the song its very upbeat and a song that you'd really enjoy hearing. There should be a bit less autotune in the song it sounds a bit fake. Also the vocals aren't that good they could be improved a bit.
Rating: 5 First 15 seconds and I don't really like the song. I thought this was gonna be a bad song but it's decent. The guy singer's voice is not the best. He sounds like he could be singing spanish songs, not songs like this. I'm not sure if I like this song. The music production is good, but the voice is a no from me.
Rating: 7 The synths used were good. I thought the triple backing beat was good as it matched the drums used.. Everything was upbeat and lively. I think that this is a holiday song, and it has been made quite well overall. I think the mixing effects on the vocals are quite cute and everything fits.
Rating: 9 You really get a good feeling from this reggae track when it gets going. The vocals are flowing so well and the best really comes into its own. The singer has a great tone and he is filled with positive vibes. This is a good track. I would describe it as a real reggae bash.
Rating: 9 Love this track, makes you wanna dance. Awesome beat, I hope to be hearing this track on the radio. The instrumental is awesome. The vocals could be stronger but that does not matter, he is great. Good dance tune he has made. Talented artist. I wanna hear more
Rating: 0 Really weird vocals and way too auto tuned. I sincerely hope the people in the song get cancer. Even with the ridiculous auto tune, it still sounds absolutely rubbish. An awful song and a ridiculous amount of production. The money they spent on the stupidly excessive production was wasted
Rating: 5 Original beat with generic drums but that's ok.Vocals are off key and are quite bad.Female background voice is way better.The rhythm and melody are fantastic expect in the vocals that are just terrible.Overall great beat but disappointing song with a lot potencial howeveryou should work better on the quality of the vocals ( try autotune)
Rating: 7 nice catchy uplifting start. a strange song to start with the the random words and the lyrics dont make much sense to me which was a shame but it has a good beat to it, once it gets to the chorus it does get better and i dont really like it from there on.
Rating: 10 the song is the best song i had ever hear.I am a fan of the song before its release.The lyrics are awesome and nice to hear.The singer voice is too much good to hear.Instruments like bass are awesome used in the song.The song is best of it.
Rating: 8 song length is probably a bit long. the song is unique and has a very catchy non repetitive beat to it. the vocals fit the song really well and it leaves a good vibe.the lyrics are understandable too. overall rating, a sold 8 out of 10
Rating: 7 right off the start i love the beat and the accent of the artist. reggae is really known in my family so i kinda grew up to it and i really like it the downside is the production the microphone that the artist is using kinda ruins the song and if their using auto tone that really ruins the song because it ruins hes true vocals. i rate this somg 7 out of 10
Rating: 7 The start of the song starts pretty nice with the fast tempo, the singer's voice is pretty good and I feel like he has great talent with his pop song. the lyrics are great. I feel like they used the computer too much to edit his voice than normal.
Rating: 4 I'd love to hear more sustain in all the instruments, instead of just that one main keys line. Overall this song sounds disjointed and inhuman. The vocal performance is great but I really dislike the vocoder effect. That should have died with the career of T-Pain.
Rating: 7 I like the upbeat nature of the song. Its definitely a fun party song. The vocals sound a little like shaggy and have a fun quality to them. Sounds like something that would be on the radio. I wish there was just a little more substance.
Rating: 6 The intro to this song is cool, i like the artists enthusiam. Sounds like he WANTS to record his song. The female backup vocalist is epic too. I love this genre. Yikes the lyrics are a little sketchy... I would prefer the instrumental after all... I think most people would be excited about this song until they hear the lyrics. It sounds professional but its not a hit. But the artist has potential
Rating: 6 Quite a cheerful summery tune, which doesn't really match with the lyrics. Vocals are clear and easy to listen to. Backing music can sound slightly synthetically created at times, but it strangely suits the song. Backing singers also have great voices. Easy to listen too.
Rating: 9 I loved the cheerful and up beat tune and opening to this great song. The vocals and lyrics give you a great happy feeling in a way you cannot comprehend. It is truly a great song with it's instrumentals, production, vocals and most importantly lyrics.
Rating: 7 The intro goes on for far too long. There is a good melody on the track. It does have a bit of a Reggae feel to it. The autotune works alright on the track, but is a bit too overdone. I think the track has good lyrics and potential. The arrangement has to be tighter. The chorus is good as well.
Rating: 8 Love that talking part at the beginning. The beats are absolutely catchy!!! The vocals are so good and I just wanna sing along. "No lies no lies" part sounds so good!!! The whole production of this sounds super professional! I absolutely enjoyed. More solo rap parts would be good
Rating: 10 Introduction is sexy and creative! Lyrics are amazing, heart-warming and inspiring. Great vocals they are rich, warm and strong. Instruments are balanced, amazing and creative. This Artist is obviously skillful, experienced, professional, natural and careful. The singer is calm and excited. The production of the song is the best I have seen yet and I want to hear more of this! Overall I rate this song 10, because of its high quality and production, artist and singer.
Rating: 8 nice start on music, the music is cool and give energy. it is refreshment song. the singer is voice is clear and fit the lyrics with music. it is so soulful. the production give better quality. the instrumental part is not bad. the lyrics seem repetitive but good enough. i like it
Rating: 4 The male vocals are slightly harsh, should be a little softer. The female vocalist was soft and quiet. Instrumental was beautiful, didn't exactly followed the music the entire time and sounded like two different genres mixing, not exactly in a good way. The lyrics of the song was okay, though they were a little confusing. The production of the song was very well and balanced.
Rating: 7 The intro could be snappier and quicker on the mark. The song has a pretty good melody and chorus. the auto tune is overdone. The vocals sound a touch shrill because of it. The No lIes chorus is appealing. A reggae styled track with some merit and potential; the arrangement, production and vocals could be stronger.
Rating: 6 The beat makes me want to dance. This sounds like a raggae song and I love that. The singer is not that good, but other than that the song is great. The lyrics and very groovy. This song is a little slower, but still able to dance to.
Rating: 4 Too much cringe - its is very light with its instrumental - creating a positive melody. The singing is of poor quality and is irritating - I feel the lyrics quality needs to be improved further by doing this. The specific lyrics do suit the genre of music as being R&B.
Rating: 6 The song had a good fun opening and a great beat from the start. I like the accents in the song it adds to the fun of the song however it is a little to thick. The vocals themselves are unique and the song has a very good dance feel to it.
Rating: 6 I like the tempo of the song as it is uplifting. Also i like the jamaican feel to the song as it is cool. Also the production seems good as the instrumental seems well put together. The lyrics are a bit repetitive however. Maybe some sort of rap solo would go well with this song
Rating: 7 It has an interesting instrumental, the voices are really good but i think they have to be more creative. The lyrics are very repetitive and that makes it a little boring. However, it's a good interpretation, both singers did a good job, the rythm of the song is the most i liked
Rating: 3 Overly auto tuned. Uninspiring soundtrack that emulates the many other reggae/ rap songs flooding the scene at the moment. The lyrics are repetitive and the amount of auto tune used makes it very difficult to understand what the artist is singing. (Apart from No lies). The female vocals are however quite pleasant, the producer has done a good job of balancing the volumes of these two tracks to avoid drowning one another out.
Rating: 10 This is great dance song and i love the beat to this and i enjoy the music because it has great sound it and great lyrics and beats and productions. So This Has potential to be the best music in the world and universe. AMEN
Rating: 1 I like the kusic for this its different and unique, but when the person sings it sounds like they need to clear their noise or as if they have to swallow spit. The womans voice is fine, and sharp but the male needs to practice a bit mroe other than that this was a great song.
Rating: 5 The vocals sound like anything you would find in Reggae, but slightly worse. The talking during the song makes sound bad. The heavy autotune doesn't make it sound any better. Maybe better harmonization will make everything sound better. It is an average track as of now.
Rating: 10 i love its a really good vibe type of track so i can definitely see me checking out some more of this artist track and even go see hime perform live great song overall looking forward other some more Blessed!! oh yea those vocals where just right no lies!!!
Rating: 6 This song starts with some nice chords which give a real summer feeling to the song, especially with the vocal at the start and then when the snare drum comes in it gives it that really chill feel like you are sat on beach. The music sounds like it has been recorded in good quality however in some points the vocals seem to overpower the backing track which can be a bit too powerful at times. Overall I enjoyed the song but the vocals at some points I didnt enjoy.

Thapelo Nkoma2016-07-31

Damn this guy has hit music better than all your Ugandan artists and that's why he deserves all the nominations. Mc Norman's music is everywhere in South Africa as if is the only artist that we South Africans can know about from Uganda . Well done mr Ganja